Employment Forms:
CSC Employment Application
  Please save a copy of a completed application for your records.

New Bi-Weekly Employee Packet
  For any new bi-weekly employee or a former employee who has not worked in over 6 months.

Returning Bi-Weekly Employee Packet
  Any employee returning to work within 6 months of the last time record submitted.

Related Documents & Forms:
Bi-Weekly Procedures
  Information for both Employees and Supervisors

Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

Accessing Paystubs via Employee Self Service
  CSC does not prints paper paystubs - employees access through ESS

Time Record
  Please use this form to report all bi-weekly hours worked in off campus positions only

Time Tracker - FWS
  Federal Work Study version to assist in tracking hours worked and remaining awards

NSCS Board Policies 5006 & 5009 - 
  Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace & Reasonable Cause

I-9 Instructions & Forms

Advertising a Bi-Weekly Position
   Supervisors use for posting employment opportunities

Bi-Weekly Hiring Form
   Supervisors required to notify Human Resources of hires and changes